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Master Sciences, Technologies, Santé

Marine environments and ecosystems (6 ECTS)


        Eric Thiébault (thiebaut @


This course covers basic the physical, chemical, geological and biological properties of marine environments and habitats. The responses of organisms to spatial-temporal changes in these parameters will also be presented, especially their physiological responses. Particular emphasis will be given to understanding the adaptive limits of marine organisms, necessary for evaluating potential responses to anthropogenic perturbations (climate change, contaminants, ...).


  • General presentation of the world's oceans (topography, circulation, climate, evolution)
  • The principal compartments of the marine biosphere, major groups of organisms (taxonomy, habitats, size), functional groups (benthic vs. pelagic, ...)
  • Chemistry of sea water, definition of salinity, carbonate equilibrium, ...
  • Tides, tidal cycles, and physiological adaptations
  • Qualitative and quantitative variations of light in the marine environment
  • Characteristics of marine sediments
  • Marine biogeography: primary habitats (oceanic vs. neritic, vertical zonation) and associated constraints
  • Introduction to marine physiology

Laure-Anne Nemirouvsky - 01/12/15

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