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Master Sciences, Technologies, Santé

Environmental marine physiology (6 ECTS)


        Laurence Besseau (besseau @


This course covers the different physiological methods of adaptation which various model organisms use in the marine environment. These mechanisms will be analyzed at the molecular and cellular scales and illustrated using specific examples from aquaculture. We will also investigate solutions that current research results may offer to the specific biological and physiological conditions present in an aquaculture facility. Research seminars on different questions in marine physiology will be followed up by laboratory projects conducted by the students.


  • Stress response and adaptations of microorganisms to the marine environment
  • Adaptation of phytoplankton to pelagic conditions: photoacclimation
  • Adaptive responses of vertebrates to the marine environment: salinity
  • Biological rhythms: molecular and cellular mechanisms
  • Biological records: methods of study and interpretation
  • Living resources of the oceans, including the basics of aquaculture biology

Laure-Anne Nemirouvsky - 01/12/15

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