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Master Sciences, Technologies, Santé

Biology and biochemistry of marine macroalgae (6 ECTS)


        Bernard Kloareg (kloareg @

        Jonas Collen ( (kloareg @


Aspects of the biochemistry and physiology of algae will be presented, emphasizing topics related to algae that are using unique biochemical solutions for ecological, physiological or biochemical problems. Topics where algae represent interesting model organisms for research will also be introduced. For example, the diversity of cell wall structures and functions in algae, their halide metabolism, the storage polysaccharides used, defense mechanisms, and the secondary metabolism of algae. A significant part of this course will be spent on laboratory exercises (studies of effects of biotic and abiotic stress on physiology, cellular damage, metabolism, enzyme activities and gene expression).


  • General biochemistry and physiology of algae, functions of the cell wall, halogen metabolism, enzymes and pathways important for defense against abiotic and biotic stresses
  • Demonstrations of algal biochemistry using algal samples collected from the intertidal zone, followed up by detailed laboratory studies on the comparisons between ecological, physiological and biochemical phenomena
  • Laboratory studies on reactive oxygen metabolism and defense reactions: oxidative damage, enzyme activities and gene expression of enzymes (using native gels and spectrophotometric methods, quantitative PCR)

Laure-Anne Nemirouvsky - 01/12/15

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